Greta Thunberg Paris Agreement

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who has been making waves in the world of climate change advocacy. One of her biggest accomplishments to date has been her role in the Paris Agreement, which was signed by 196 countries in 2015.

The Paris Agreement is a landmark international agreement aimed at combating climate change. Its ultimate goal is to keep global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, with an aspirational goal of keeping it below 1.5 degrees.

The agreement is named after the city where it was signed, Paris, France. Greta Thunberg was in attendance at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015, where the agreement was finalized and signed.

Thunberg has been a vocal advocate for the Paris Agreement, which she sees as one of the most important steps that the world can take to combat climate change. She has criticized world leaders who have backed out of the agreement or failed to take it seriously.

In 2019, Thunberg made headlines when she delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. In her speech, she chastised world leaders for their lack of action on climate change and called for immediate and drastic measures to be taken.

Thunberg has also been involved in organizing protests and strikes to raise awareness about climate change. She founded the Fridays for Future movement, which encourages students to leave school and protest for climate action.

Overall, Greta Thunberg`s advocacy for the Paris Agreement has been instrumental in raising awareness about the urgent need for climate action. Her voice has been heard around the world, and many people are now paying attention to the climate crisis like never before.